The History

The legend of the little bell of San Michele

When two miles of the Little Navy, the men, fishing in the moonlight, heard a chime coming from afar on the water and were very amazed. After a while, however, their hearts trembled, as they heard that the voice of the bell of the church of San Michele, now fully tolled, could not be heard so far out at sea, and they thought that it could mean that something terrible had happened on the ‘Island.

They immediately turned their boat towards the coast and noticed that the sound of the toll was getting louder and louder. When they reached the beach of Marina Piccola, they saw an immense crowd gather and shouted the great news to them: «The bell of the church of San Michele beat without being touched by human hands or swayed back and forth by the wind. As the last of the fishermen came ashore, the sound stopped and suddenly a violent hurricane hit the Island. Huge waves rose, like monstrous arms, and just at the point where the fishermen were about to cast their nets, they saw two crumbs, higher than the mountains of Capri, begin to run, one after the other, over the sea. The fishermen who had saved themselves from the fury of the waves knelt to thank the bell of San Michele, who had brought them safely home. When the sea had calmed down, the fishermen rushed ashore where they found thousands and thousands of fish, some still falling from the sky, where the crumbs had lifted them.

For centuries and centuries no one had ever seen such easy and abundant fishing. Since that blessed day, the bell has been reproduced as a good luck charm and given to loved ones to bring them luck in abundance. It was given to a newspaper in the year (1793)